๐ŸŒŽ What is Salesmachine ?

Salesmachine is a Product Led customer success platform. It enables sales, growth and customer success teams to manage customers during their journey. Salesmachine modular approach fit business needs, at each step of the customer journey (ie trial, adoption, renewal or churn) and all accounts/contacts are scored to trigger manual playbooks or workflows.

Key Features

Salesmachine is the customer success solution designed to help your team achieve their goals. Actively monitor all customer health signals and proactively engage at scale, resulting in focused, proactive customer success teams, increased productivity, and a lower churn rate.

  • Business modules - Salesmachine is organised around modular components, allowing organizations to manage customers through their journey.

  • Customer data platform - Salesmachine collect information and usage data from multiple sources, your own online platform, CRM, Chat, Support or Payment services.

  • Customer Success metrics - Salesmachine is built around segmentation and scoring which feed success metrics and goals.

Business modules

Business modules offer a global package to Customer Success organizations so they can ensure that every customer benefits from consistent and effective best practices to reach their desired outcomes.

Key modules:

  • Convert module - Focused on converting trial leads into paying customers. This product-qualified-lead approach is increasing your Sales team closing rate thanks to a combination of two scores: Customer fit & Product adoption.

  • Adopt module - Adopt is dedicated to Customer success paying customers. It scores and calculate customers health/satisfaction at each step of their journey.

Customer data platform

In a Product-Led world, Revenue teams benefit from leveraging customers data and product usage at contact and account level.

  • Account based - Data are collected for each contact and consolidated at the account level.

  • Usage data - Unlike traditional systems, Salesmachine combines both description data and usage data. It allows a single 360 view of each contact or account.

  • Multiple source - Salesmachine has native integration with CRMs, Helpdesks, Messaging systems, Emails...

Customer Success metrics

Salesmachine is built to provide real-time metrics, providing an immediate value.

  • Health scores.

  • Customer fit and Product adoption scores

  • Active contacts by account, by CSM and segments

  • License utilisation by account, by CSM and segments