๐Ÿฅ‡ Select your Qualified Trials

Qualified Trials

This matrice will help you determine who are the leads that your sales team should be focusing on. Once a trial/freemium reaches the score of one of your selected section, it'll become 'Qualified' and trigger automation/alerts

In order to modify/adapt the matrice, all you have to do is to select the relevant sections and to click on 'save'.

Note that every modification in this matrice will lead to a recalculation of all your trial/freemium base: this operation can take time

Common strategies

Our recommendation to get started

That is the closest scenario from the true PQL (Product Qualified Lead).

If your Sales team doesn't have enough leads, feel free to enlarge the selection.

Old fashion scoring strategy

Including the 'customer persona' to score leads is very recent, an older solution used to only rely on the product usage, like this:

This is interesting when your marketing team is able to provide perfect leads or if the customer fit isn't relevant to your market.

Targeting Accounts over Usage

If you want your sales team to only target great companies and because they might not be adopting your product, then you can focus on a specific customer profile.

If you're using a different methodology, feel free to share it with us!