๐Ÿ“š Trial's Segments

Salesmachine Segment feature helps you automatically organize your leads into any number of segments. You can assign leads to segments based on their product usage and/or attributes. The segments can be used in many ways, such as: have a better understanding of your lead base, highlight specific lead categories & behaviors, delete leads in bulk, etc.

Managing your segments

Create a segment

Choose to create a segment at the Account or the Contact level & click on 'new segment', you can now :

  • Name your Segment

  • Choose a specific color to highlight it

  • Describe it

  • Choose to work with AND or OR

  • Add the conditions for a lead to belonging to that segment

  • Preview the content of your segment

  • Save it

Edit/Delete an existing Segment or Create a sub-segment

You can delete a segment, re-edit it and create a sub-segment: to do so, when visualizing your segment, use 'more'

Export Segment's data - Assign contacts & Delete Accounts/contacts

You can export data, assign contacts to their CS Owner (please refer to our portfolio management section here LIEN VERS PORTFOLIO) & delete accounts/contacts in bulk: to do so, select your segment & click on 'Actions'

Filter your Segment per CS owner

In Salesmachine, each account/contact can belong to a specific CS Owner (please refer to our portfolio management section here LIEN VERS PORTFOLIO). You can choose to only display the accounts/contacts belonging to one owner when you're visualizing a specific segment: to do so, click on the dropdown list ('Everyone' per default) and choose the right person