๐Ÿ“ฌ New lead notification

You can activate some pre-made automation when a lead becomes qualified in order to notify your Sales team. The first step is to connect your CRM or Slack to Salesmachine.

Once this is done, you have 3 options (cumulative) to get notified in real-time:

Slack notification

Select 'Receive a Slack notification' and choose the channel it should be sent to.

Email notification

Select 'Receive notification by email' and write the email address it should be sent to.

CRM notification

Select 'Create a task in your CRM' and fill the required information:

  • Due Date: When does this task need to be done

  • Title: Name the task

  • Note: Provide more information regarding the lead

You can customize the Email or the CRM notification thanks to 'Insert Attributes'

When is the action triggered?

This automation will be triggered when a lead becomes 'qualified', meaning that he reaches the scores fixed on your Qualified Trial matrice.