๐Ÿ“Š Trial's Reporting

Salesmachine will provide a clear view of your mains KPIs evolution.

There is two levels of reporting:

  • Dashboards

  • Reports

The main differences between both levels are the granularity & visual aspect.

Dashboards will be providing a global overview of the most common KPIs where Reports will help you to have a deeper understanding of specific ones


The dashboard will provide quick & visible graphs on:

  • New trials: number of new trials that signed up to your solution

  • New lead converted to paying: number of leads that converted to paying customers

  • New MRR: new MRR trend

  • Trial to paying conversion:

  • Trial to qualified trial conversion:

  • Qualified trial to paying conversion:

  • Customer fit score: Score evolution over time

  • Product adoption score: Score evolution over time


There are five kinds of accessible reports: Conversion, Trials, Customer Fit, Product Adoption & Paying, each of them providing specific information

Filter the view per sales & timelines

At both levels, you can filter the view thanks to the top right buttons in order to focus on a specific timeline or a specific individual.