๐ŸŽจ Schema

Schema is where you can manage all the data accessible in Salesmachine.

Salesmachine is relying on three specific and manageable kinds of data: Contact's attributes, Account's attributes, and Events.

There is a global overview of the data we're currently receiving on the mainboard.

You can sort and filter your data by 'Source' and by accessibility 'Visible' or 'Hidden'

Schema's layout

Create or modify an attribute

If you're looking to create a new attribute, you can do it thanks to the button on the right 'New attribute'.โ€Œ

If you are looking to modify a specific existing attribute, you can click directly on it.โ€Œ

Depending on if the attribute is manual or not, you can edit some of the following:โ€Œ

  • Key name

  • Type: text, number, date, boolean & pick-list

  • Display name

  • Description

  • Visibility and editability

Attribute's creation layout

This page will help you to better manage and understand the data you've been pushing to Salesmachine.