๐Ÿ—‘ Archives

Whenever you decide to archive a contact or an account directly on one of the Salesmachine modules, it will be accessible in this section.

Thanks to the action button, you can then decide to either delete them permanently or to unarchive them in order to bring them back to the module they belong to.

Archive / Unarchive

Here are important facts to understand regarding the archives system:

1/ An archived contact is not being taken into consideration for the billing system.

2/ If a contact/account is in the archive, it is not updated anymore, any data regarding it will not be processed.

3/ If a contact or an account is unarchived, it will be working normally but the data received when he was archived will be missing.

4/ If you decide to delete a contact or an account from the archives, everything regarding it will be deleted and it can not be restored.

5/ If a previously deleted contact/account is pushed in Salesmachine again, it will be as a brand new contact/account without any historic.