๐Ÿ“ฒ AppStore

The AppStore gather every native Integration available in Salesmachine

Here, you can connect all your applications in order to aggregate all your data in Salesmachine.

There are a few kinds of available sources:

Source of references:

The source of reference will be the only data source to create contacts and accounts in Salesmachine. We have 3 sources of data available, you can choose between the Salesmachine API, Intercom, or Segment.

It's strongly advised to only use one primary source!

Enrichment sources:

Those sources will gather additional data to your existing contacts & accounts.

Email service provider:

Connecting a mailer is mandatory to send workflows.

Workflow action:

Live alerts and information can be sent through those applications.

If you require any help to connect your applications, please contact support@salesmachine.io