๐Ÿ“ˆ Lifecycle & Health Score


The lifecycle is a key feature of Salesmachine that represents your customers' journey. You can configure two different Lifecycle in Salesmachine: Accounts & Contacts.

Lifecycle rules

  • You can create as many stages as you need

  • An account or a contact can only belong to one stage

  • If an account matches the conditions of two stages, he will belong to the rightest (strongest) one

Choose which Lifecycle you'd like to start with (Accounts or Contacts)

Lifecycle at the Account level

This lifecycle should represent the different steps of your customer's journey in your solution.

Click on 'New Stage', now you can:

  • Name your Stage

  • Define if you want conditions to work as AND or as OR by choosing match ALL or ANY conditions (if you need both, you can refer to our logical condition management here)

  • Add the condition(s) to distribute your account/contacts in your different stages

  • Use the Default Health Score or a Custom one (you can refer to 'health conditions' later on this page)

  • Drag and drop your stage (to change its position)

  • Delete this stage

Once done, your customers will be mapped and scored into your lifecycle as follow:

Lifecycle at the Contact level

You can create a lifecycle referring to your final users' role and score their health based on how each of them is supposed to be using your solution. You just need to follow the same process as for the accounts.

Lifecycles are only part of the Scale plan and are not available per default during trials.

Health score

The health score is a key feature of Salesmachine, it'll help your team to identify at-risk accounts before they churn, realize proactive intervention & prioritize customers in need.

For each lifecycle, you can choose between the 'default' health score or a dedicated one while managing your stage thanks to the option below:

The Default health score is configurable in App Settings โ†’ Adoption โ†’ Health.

Select if you want conditions to work as AND or as OR by choosing match ALL or ANY conditions (specific documentation about logical conditions here) and follow the rules below.

Health score rules:

  • You can have as many conditions as you'd like

  • If an account matches the conditions of Good or Bad, he will belong to it

  • If an account does not match any of the conditions, he will belong to Average.

  • If an account matches both Good and Bad conditions, he will belong to Bad per security

Pro tips ๐Ÿ’ก :

It is not recommended to use really complex strategies to define your health score: your team will spend more time trying to understand why an account is in bad health than act. Stay focused on a few very specific features usage that helps your customers to achieve their desired outcomes.