๐Ÿ“š Customer's Segments

Salesmachine Segments help you to automatically organize/categorize your customers based on a large choice of metrics (product usage, % of active users, subscription details, MRR, renewal date, etc.).

Segments are used in different business cases, such as highlight specific customers categories and behaviors, benefit from a better understanding of your customer base, trigger workflows/playbooks and alerts, delete accounts or contacts in bulk, etc.

Managing your segments

Create a segment

Choose to create a segment at the Account or Contact level & click on 'New Segment'

You can now :

  • Name your Segment

  • Choose a specific color to highlight it

  • Describe it

  • Choose to work with AND or OR conditions

  • Add the conditions for a lead to belonging to that segment

  • Preview the content of your segment

  • Save it

Edit/Delete an existing Segment or Create a sub-segment

You can delete a segment, re-edit it, and create a sub-segment: to do so, when visualizing your segment, use 'More'.

Export Segment's data - Assign contacts & Delete Accounts/contacts

You can export data, assign contacts to their Customer Success Owner (please refer to our portfolio management section here), delete accounts or contacts in bulk, enroll these accounts or contacts in a workflow or playbook: to do so, select your segment & click on 'Actions'. Here is an example of enrolling not healthy account to a dedicated playbook:

Filter your Segment per CS owner

In Salesmachine, each account/contact can belong to a specific Customer Success Owner (please refer to our portfolio management section here). You can choose to only display the accounts/contacts belonging to one owner when you are visualizing a specific segment: to do so, click on the dropdown list ('Everyone' per default) and choose the right person.