๐Ÿ“Š Customer's reporting

Salesmachine will provide a clear view of your mains KPIs evolution

There is two levels of reporting:

  • Dashboards

  • Reports

The main differences between both levels are the granularity & visual aspect.


Dashboard provides customizable views in order to highlight specifics KPIs. Create a new one thanks to the button '+ New' just below 'Team dashboard'

Name it, describe it & save it: you can now choose the most relevant widgets that will belong to your new dashboard:

Once your dashboard is ready, you can filter the results by timeline (one week, one month, three months, etc) and by portfolio (team's members)

You can switch from one dashboard to other thanks to the Team Dashboard list on the left


Here, you can have a deeper overview and follow the evolution of some specific trends. First, choose on the left the metrics you'd like to get information from on the left (Customers, Recurring Revenue, Health, Productivity, Automation & Usage), then a subcategory & a report will automatically be generated.

Reports rules:

  • You can 'save' specific views thanks to the bookmarks: use 'add to my bookmarks' (on the top right of your screen) and they'll be available on 'my bookmarks' (above the categories)

  • On some categories & thanks to the pick list located on the top left, you can apply different filters (accounts/contacts, segments, stage, events, etc)

  • On some specific reports, you can add filters directly in the report itself (example with Productivity -> Activities, you can tick and untick specific actions)

  • You can choose the timeline of the trend you would like to follow (last one week, 30 days, etc)

  • You can choose a specific portfolio by selecting a member of your team and focus on the data belonging to himself & to the customers, he's accountable for