๐Ÿ”Ž 360ยฐ Customers view

Gathering every available data regarding a contact/account is one of the key Salesmachine's capability.

On your main dashboard choose if you'd like to have an overview of the contacts or of the accounts thanks to the following button:

Account/contact's profile

When going into the account/contact profile, different tabs are available.


Salesmachine general information

Depending on your customer status, you will find different metrics such as:

  • For trialing leads: Status, Qualification state (qualified - not qualified), Customer Fit Score, Product Adoption Score, Last Touch

  • For paying customers: Status, Health, Stage, % of Active contacts, Pulse and Last Touch

  • For churned customers: Status, Pulse, Last touch

  • For not converted trials: Status, Pulse, Last touch



Usage map

This graph provides a quick overview of your customer's interaction with your solution. Each case in blue represents a day where he has been using your product, the darkest the case is, the more he has been using it.

This usage map is based on the 'pageviews'


The attributes displayed here are the ones you highlighted in the 'Profile' tab


Here will be displayed every segment that your contact/account belongs to

Events trend

Here will be displayed the 'events' performs by the customer

You can add a new event easily here via '+ Add a new event trend'

Every event are performed at the contact level and aggregated at the account one

Customers activities

Every customer's interaction will be displayed here (activities, tasks, interactions, conversations, emails, tickets, etc...)

You can filter the information to easily find the ones you're looking for thanks to this tab

Pro tips ๐Ÿ’ก: Take some time to have a look at our integration (LINK VERS INTEGRATION) to benefit from additional data, such as Intercom's conversation, Zendesk tickets, CRM tasks, Gmail emails, etc...


This section will display every available attribute sent to Salesmachine or via our Integrations (attributes at the contact level will be different than the one at the account level).

You can 'pin' some attributes (by clicking on the button below):

Every pinned attribute will be highlighted on the top of the Profile's page and also displayed on the attributes board on the General tab.


This section is spitted between two sections: the events trends & the live view.

Event trends

Shows every event performs by the customer. It's useful if you want to look at your customers' usage's evolution over time (7 days, 30 days or 6 months).

Live view

This will give precise information regarding every event performed by your customers. It gives information on the date of the event, the performer & the event's parameters.


Only available at the account level, it will show every contact belonging to your account.

Note that Salesmachine is able to manage 'multiple accounts' meaning that contact can belong to different accounts.