๐Ÿ“Ž Column management

Salesmachine is gathering a lot of data, as it can be interesting to highlight some of them, a lot of boards are available through the solution (Convert, Adoption, Segment sections, etc).

One of the application's board

Every board is customizable: a 'per default' view can be implemented by an admin so the entire team can benefit from it & each team member can also choose to display additional information for themselves. To edit the boards, click on 'edit columns' on their top right.

Column's edition feature

Boards rules

  • To start from scratch, select 'remove all columns'

  • Select the attributes you'd like to display by ticking them on the left

  • Modify their position to impact the final view

  • Admins can select the 'shared' option so all the team will have this information displayed

  • Members & visitors can choose 'personal' to add information to their own boards

Pro tips ๐Ÿ’ก: Shortlist of great attributes to display: Health, MRR, Subscription (plan), Pulse, Licence utilization (a Salesmachine success metrics), Created_at, Renewal_date, Session_at, etc