๐Ÿ‘“ Portfolio management

The Portfolio management defines a specific 'Customer Success Owner' to each customer (a member of your team that becomes in charge of specific customers), helping CSM to stay focus on their own accounts. Once the distribution is done, members will only see their own accounts & admins will be able to navigate through each portfolio

Assign accounts to a Customer Success Manager

There are different way to assign accounts to a specific Customer Success Manager

Via Workflows

If you have in your database the information tying CSM to their accounts, the most automated way to assign them in Salesmachine is to create a workflow/automation with the action Owner Attribution. To do so, please refer to this documentation (LIEN VERS DOCUMENTATION AUTOMATION)

Via Segment

You can create a segment at the account level including the accounts that belong to a CSM. Once the segment is done, you can click on 'Action' -> 'Assign accounts', choose which CSM should own those accounts, and save it.

By doing so, all your accounts will be attached to their new 'CS Owner' and each member of your team will now have access to their own portfolio.

Now that your Customer Success Manager has their own portfolio, an admin can now access to specific portfolios views. To do so, use the button below (located in the top right of each Salesmachine boards) and select which Portfolio you'd like to see.